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After an abortion ...

One in three pregnancies end in abortion. When facing an unintended pregnancy, many women feel there is no alternative.


Circumstances can seem overwhelming and there is often lack of support at this time.


Following an abortion women vary in their responses to the experience. Some women may feel a sense of relief, but later may have a mixture of positive and negative reactions such as relief, happiness, sadness, regret and loss.


Many women feel their decision to have an abortion was right, but some women feel they made the wrong decision for them and try to bury their negative emotions which may lead to periods of depression.


Some women may keep their abortion a secret as they may fear being judged or misunderstood. Partners too, can sometimes need emotional support and are unsure how to react.


Trained advisors are available for you to talk to. 

If you are struggling following an abortion, help is available. Coming to terms with mixed emotions following an abortion is possible.


Many women have already been helped to come to terms with their decision to have an abortion, either with one-to-one support or in a group, using a post-abortion support programme.