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Have you experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage, still birth or ectopic pregnancy?

We offer specialist support, providing a safe and

caring environment in which to allow a woman, or couple

or even family, space and time to come to terms with their loss. A miscarriage or stillbirth can leave a woman or man feeling overwhelmed with unanswerable questions and grief. A sense of isolation and loss are common and may leave you feeling ‘out of step’ with events.


Grief and the acceptance of lost hopes and dreams can be painful and distressing. Sharing your pain with a specially trained advisor can help you find the strength and support needed to move forward.


Grief is a process which, though difficult, can be walked through and overcome. We can’t take away your pain but with support and time we can help you cope better with it.

Even though everyone's situation is different, it can help to know that other people have been through a similar situation to yours. Many people have told about dealing with a miscarriage on the PregnancyChoices Directory website - use the link below to read their  stories.


Stories about miscarriage

People's Stories


If you have lost a baby, either recently or in the past, through miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy or for any other reason and would like to talk through your experience and your feelings please contact us.

If you're a man in this situation what can you do?

How do you cope with your feelings?


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