The Willow Tree Centre

Tel: 01454 324080

Registered Charity No: 1143460

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When are you open?

Our office is usually open Mon - Wed 10am to 3pm but client appointments are often

available from monday to friday. Our phone line is available 7 days a week


Do I need an appointment?

When you phone us we will try and make an appointment as soon as possible for you. We try and see Crisis Pregnancy clients within a day or so. At the moment, for all other clients, we do have a waiting list of several weeks.


Do I have to come to your Centre?

Not necessarily. If you are unable to get to the Centre you can call us and we will discuss your needs over the phone, possibly try and find somewhere we could meet up or undertake telephone support.

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Will you tell me not to have an abortion?

No, we are not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do but to help support you to make an informed decision about the pregnancy for yourself. We will listen and support you in a non- judgemental way regardless of the decision you make.


Can you arrange an abortion for me?

No. We are a support and information service. We will provide you with all the time and information you need to make the right choice for you. However you will need to talk to your doctor or clinic to take things further.


Will you tell my parents?

Providing you are over 13yrs old and we are not concerned about your safety and wellbeing then we will not tell anyone about your visit.