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Men's Page - Unplanned Pregnancy

Most men accept that the final decision about pregnancy should rest with the woman, but need an opportunity to express their feelings about the pregnancy. If a man has a chance to say how he feels he might feel satisfied that his partner understands and has heard his feelings and can take them into account as she makes her decision.


It might be that both partners feel the same way about the pregnancy in which case the woman will find her partner a good source of support.


How can men support their partners

  • Listen to your partner. Almost everyone will have an opinion about her pregnancy. Make sure she’s had a chance to express her thoughts.

  • Help her to think through the pros and cons of the pregnancy.

  • Let her know what you think and feel.

  • Encourage her to go to an appropriate agency that will help her to make up her own mind about the pregnancy, free of pressure.

  • Accompany her to speak to her GP or family planning clinic so that she can talk to a professional. Remember that most professionals will want to spend some time talking to her on her own.

  • Help her break the news of her pregnancy to other family members if she is worried about their response.

  • Encourage her to make the decision that is right for her.

  • Find out relevant information about her options.

  • Be realistic about what support you are able to give her

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NB  - We are not able to refer directly for termination. We offer clients information on all the options and are well-resourced to provide both immediate and long term support as necessary, directing to other agencies as appropriate.