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"...it has helped me see my loss from a different perspective, to hold it in a different light and, most importantly, to let go of the anger ...

this programme is amazingly put together... the work you do is invaluable ...

Thank you"

(T April 2018)


    "... you provided a lifeline just when I needed it ... your professional, non-judgemental support allowed me to express all I was feeling inside ... I am hugely grateful.

It would be good to have signposting from the clinic at the pre-abortion counselling stage as an alternative to what they provide as it feels more impartial ..." A (Nov 2017)


"I am deeply grateful to the Willow Tree Centre for providing much needed support. It helped me speak about my experience and how it has affected my relationships; it helped me talk through my grief.

Each session was tailored to what I needed.

Additional support was there when I fell pregnant again which I really appreciated

(B  March 2018)

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