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Pregnant and don't know what to do?

Unplanned pregnancy can feel like a crisis. With confusing thoughts and feelings, it isn’t always easy to make a decision.

You may be feeling worried and scared.

We can provide you with confidential, impartial specialist support and all the information you need to better understand your options.

Had an abortion and not really coping?

 For some people abortion is an experience which becomes a painful part of their lives, even if they felt they were making the right decision at the time.

If you feel this way there is specific help available for you. We use a supportive step-by-step programme designed to help you explore what happened, the feelings and thoughts which you now have and enable you to move forward.

Experienced a stillbirth or other baby loss?

This experience of loss may feel impossible for you to deal with. You may feel overwhelmed by the grief of losing a baby.

Though it is hard to talk, we find that to begin to share those emotions with someone who is specially trained can help. We will listen to you, help you to talk about your loss and will seek to give you a calm unhurried space in which to grieve.

NB: We offer advice, support and information for all options relating to unplanned  pregnancy. However we are not part of the medical referral system for termination.  We do signpost clients on to other agencies, including medical services.

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